Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Where's the Covey

Over the weekend, Johnny took us out to hunt a few birds released the week before and then to the wild coveys nearby.  Most of the hunting on his land is over released quail until the wild quail catch up with all the habitat work he's been doing.  So this was indeed a treat.

As we approached a great looking haunt, the dog started to get active.  And then it happened.  But just one bird rose.  We searched and searched for the covey, but with no success.  We figured they were busted up by something else before we got there.  So we headed back to camp and would try this covey again in the morning.

In the morning the dog froze as soon as we arived back to this place.  A good strong point, and we walked in thinking of a great covey rise.  Again, one bird.  Again we searched.  Again we left wondering where's the covey.

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