Monday, September 26, 2011

Back in the Field

It has been well over a month since my last post and I could make some excuses. Busy at work, few doves in the field, procrastination, etc. etc.  With the field full of weeds and the drought keeping us from burning, the field did not look that attractive to the doves that we hoped for.  Enough of the excuses, the season is in for crying out loud. 
Labor Day Weekend - There were birds flying over, so we set out open day weekend to have some fun, hang out and shoot the field.  To sum it up, we saw plenty of birds, but all flying high or around the field, and most in the same direction.  We checked the craw of the few doves killed and found them full of sunflowers, something not in our field.  So, a field close by was the primary feeding field and ours was simply a place for the occasional seed.
But all was not lost, we did have some fun and I got to:
Watch my daughter take her first shot with a shot gun

Watch my friend Jonny and his son claim one bird they both shot at

Eat well

Watch Johnny's dog work

Spend hours sitting in the field with my daughter

Shoot at a few birds

Here are some pictures, I’ll write more about the three hunts I took in Georgia’s first season in upcoming posts.
Sesame still in bloom

A hand full of Sesame seed

The Dove Field before the first shoot

My daughter getting ready for her first shotgun shot.

A happy first shot

Finally, Hunting!
(Remember to change the date on my camera next time)